The Importance Of Colors Used In Creating Websites

Published: 27th January 2006
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Colors are very important in the creation of websites. They

give a non verbal message to those who visit the websites,

perhaps one that speaks more loudly than the verbal one that

is given there. Some years ago, it was discovered that

colors themselves actually influence how a person feels and

how they react in various situations and to various things.

For instance, back in the early 1950's, hospitals started

having their nurses wear colors such as light green, light

blue, and turquoise, rather than the usual stark white,

because it was realized that these colors were warm and

soothing and made the patients feel calmer. Hospital rooms

were also painted in those colors, rather than in the

neutral grays, tans and whites which had been the usual

colors up until that time.

When you think of circus posters, you think immediately of

reds and blues and yellows, colors which made you feel

excited, the same sort of thing was done with movie posters,

advertising movies which were going to be coming soon. The

idea was to get the potential customer to feel excited about

the circus or about the movie and want to be sure and be

there and not miss out on anything.

This same sort of thinking is also used in the construction

of our websites. What kind of feeling do you want to bring

to the person who visits your website? If you are

constructing a family genealogical website for example, one

upon which you plan to sell genealogy software or family

trees, then you may want to use warm colors, colors that

will make the visitor feel soothed and comfortable and bring

back memories of early homes, and of mom and dad and apple

pie and holidays together, that sort of thing. If your

website is one on which you wish to sell a different sort of

product however, you may want to incorporate the use of

brighter, more garish colors such as red, blue and yellow,

colors which will get the visitor excited about what you

have to offer, get them enthusiastic and encourage them to

want to be a part of what you have to offer.

Some colors, when mixed together to create another color,

such as red and blue to create purple, carry both the warm

and the cooling aspect, a lot depending on the shade. Red,

blue and a touch of white, create a color of purple that

speaks of majesty and royalty, especially when combined with

the color of gold in the creation of a website.

Each color brings with it its own special attractions and it

is important to use those colors to deliver just the exact

meaning that you want to give to those who visit your

website. Shading is important too. A light blue for example,

can be a soothing, calming color, that will make a visitor

to your website feel relaxed, while a royal blue can be an

exciting color, which will make them want to act upon what

they are reading on your website.

Another thing to think about in constructing your website is

the customer that you will want to attract. If you are

constructing a website that is geared to sell items to

ladies for example, you might want to use colors such as

lavender and pink, while if you were constructing a website

geared to sell hunting equipment to men, you probably would

choose to bypass those particular colors in favor of browns,

tans and greens.

If you were constructing a website that you wanted to appeal

to children, who, while they might not be the customers,

have a great deal of influence over those who may be, then

you might want to use the bright colors that would bring

forth the excitement of a circus. What one might term joyful

colors. These colors would do well if you were selling

children's books for example.

It is also important to think about the harmony of the

colors that we put together.

We want them to have an eye appeal to the visitor at the

website, not drive them away. This doesn't mean never using

colors that don't "go together" on the same website,

sometimes we do that because we can use them in a certain

way that will make them work together, but when we do that

we need to do it carefully and make sure that we get the

desired results.

Colors are very important in the construction of a website

and we want to be sure that what they say enhances what we

are saying in words and pictures on the website. Make each

element of your website work together to get across exactly

the message you want to give. As strange as it may seem, the

right colors on your website may lead to more "green" in

your wallet.

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